Friends of Humanity co-sponsors New York meeting

Friends of Humanity co-sponsors New York meetingHuman rights betrayed – women’s convention for freedom in New York, in conjunction with the international Human Rights Day

On Tuesday 6th December, in conjunction with the international Human Rights Day for, the Women’s Convention for Freedom in cooperation with Friends of Humanity, organized a demonstration in front of UN building in New York. Participants included UN advisory committees and humanitarian organizations, and the event attracted plenty of media attention.

The first speaker, Mrs. Paula Korawdo, a human rights activist and a member of the Women’s Convention for Freedom, described the abuses of human rights in Iran since the appointment of the new Iranian president, Ahmadinejad. She said that the data showed that more than 70% of the 100 people executed in the last four months were under 25.

There followed a documentary film about the execution of 3 youngsters in Khorromabad as well as the extensive oppression of women and young adults across Iran. This had a great effect upon the participants.

Then Mr. H. Taherzadeh, the distinguished Iranian artist, described the different aspects of the Iranian regime and its activities against its own citizens.

There was also an exhibition, presenting 100 years of Iranian women’s struggle for equality, freedom and human rights.