Friends of Humanity co-sponsors Paris HR Exhibit

Friends of Humanity co-sponsors Paris HR
Paris exhibition celebrating the international human rights day the 10th.of December

On the 58th anniversary of universal declaration of Human Rights, an exhibition was organized in Paris to show “25 years of repression and tyranny” by Iranian government.

The “Iranian Society for arts & Culture” organized this event in conjunction with “Friends of Humanity,” “lawyers in exile,” Academicians & Professionals Society in Exile,” “The international federation of women against fundamentalism,” and the “Iranian Women’s Society in France.”

Supporting international organizations included France Liberte (Society of Mrs. Daniel Mitterrand,) the international women’s Human Rights society, Human Rights League and the international Federation of Human Rights.

Mr. M. Dominique Lefebvre, Mayor of Cergy and other distinguished personalities in France visited different parts of this exhibition.

“This exhibition on international Human Rights day, gives the opportunity to know about the crimes of the Iranian regime.” Mr. Lefebvre, speaking to a group of participants said adding, “after the election of the new Iranian president, our worries has increased.”

Mrs. Daniel Mitterrand, in a message to the opening ceremony noted, “unfortunately the Iranian rulers sent messages of hate and abhorrence; they do not represent the Iranian people. This exhibition would show the situation of human rights in Iran to the public and international communities.”

Mr. Patrick Baudouin the honorary president of the international human rights league, called the Iranian regime’s human rights record as one of the worst, and emphasized that the regime must be dealt with strongly. “What we have heard in recent days from the Iranian president” Baudouin said, “rings bells for international security.’

Mr. Yves Jean Gallas, president of “The Peace movement in France,” pointed out the dangers created by the Iranian regime for peace and stability and called for a united and decisive world policy against it.

“Human rights situation in Iran should be put in priority,” Gallas said adding that, “I hope this exhibition helps the French public to realize the nature of this horrible regime and to know what sort of crimes is committed against the Iranian people.”

Hans Kristian Neerskov. president for Sakharov Committee, said ”the Iranian regime is one of the worst violators of Human Rights, it is time to hear the voice of Iranian people and support them, I am sure that the Iranian people would succeed in establishing freedom and democracy in their country.”

At the end of the opening ceremony a statement addressed to European Union and the international Human Rights organizations was read to the attendees that mentioned the extent of the violations of Human Rights in Iran. 

The statement also called on to all Human Rights Organizations to take action against the tyranny in Iran.

The exhibit will be open to the public until December 20th .