Friends of Humanity co- sponsors rally in Den-Hag

Friends of Humanity co- sponsors rally in Den-Hag

On the initiative of friends of humanity and other organizations, a rally was held in front of Netherlands parliament on Thursday 15th.Dec.2005, to protest against Iranian president remarks regarding terrorist activities and export of fundamentalism into Iraq.

The speakers objected to extensive interference of Mullah’s in Iraq, as well as condemning recent speeches of Ahmadinejad the Iranian President.  Participants also called for an end to the policy of appeasement with the Mullah’s regime.

Mrs. Soasan Sorkehei, the president of the women’s democratic society in Netherlands, said “as long as the inhuman Iranian regime stays on power, it would continue export of terrorism and fundamentalism, as well as endangering peace and stability in the region.

The tolerance made towards Mullah’s would only encourage them to continue their suppressive policies. We also ask the atomic profile of the Iranian regime to be referred to U.N immediately for an extensive boycott.”

An exhibition of the crimes committed by the Iranian regime was set up alongside this rally, which was visited and welcomed by many Dutch citizens.

Finally A delegation representing the participants handed in the statement of this rally to the foreign committee of Dutch parliament.