Friends of Humanity co-sponsors solidarity vigil in Rotterdam

On Saturday 29th.Oct.2005, on the initiative of supporters of Friends of Humanity and other activists, a solidarity vigil was arranged in Rotterdam. This gathering took place at the Association of Christian Artists, in the recently opened Iranian exhibition room. The first speaker, Mrs. Lyne Lariver, welcomed the participants, then described the Iranian women’s resistance and also the importance of Iran’s ancient culture and its union with the Dutch People. Next, the famous poet and writer Mr. H. Asadian made a presentation on Iranian art and culture, before going on to condemn the heavy blows that the regime has inflicted upon it. Participants were also able to look at an exhibition of Iranian handmade arts and pictures of Iranian cities and other artistic handcrafts, displayed in the room, which had been opened by the Dutch prime minister 10 days earlier. During the ceremony, he presented a statue to the president of the Association as a symbol of liberty. The Iranian solidarity vigil was the first official gathering in the room.