Iran Ahmadinejad calls for annihilation of Israel

Mahmoud AdmadinejadStop Fundamentalism, July 8, TEHRAN – On Saturday Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s hardliner president called on Islamic countries to mobilize against Israel and "remove" the "Zionist regime".

"The basic problem in the Islamic world is the existence of the Zionist regime. The Islamic world and the region must mobilize to remove this problem," said Ahmadinejad at the opening of a two-day regional conference on security in Iraq..

"Today there is a strong will to remove the Zionist regime and implement a legal Palestinian regime all over Palestine. The continued survival of this regime (Israel) means nothing but suffering for the region.

"I am reminding them to stop the crimes of this corrupt government before it is too late, and open the way for a government arising from the votes of the indigenous people of Palestine, all over Palestine."

"Nations in the region will be more furious every day, and it will not be long before this intense fury will lead to a huge explosion," Ahmadinejad threatened, "The waves of fury of Muslim nations will not be confined within the boundaries of the region, and the people who close their ears to the cries of the Palestinians and blindly support this regime will be responsible for the consequences."