Iran begins export of Peugeot RD autos to Iraq

Source: Russian Information Agency

 Iran last week exported the first batch of its domestically-made Peugeot RD sedans to Iraq, said a fax released by Iran Khodro on Monday.

In its first phase of the exports of its products to Iraq, Iran Khodro Industrial Group is planning to further sell 1,000 of the passenger cars to the neighboring country, an official with Iran’s major auto producer noted.

The authorized dealership of Iran Khodro products in Iraq is making increasing requests for the imports of the sedans into Iraq from Iran. The company’s representative office in Iraq is planning to employ the car as taxis in the Iraqi cities, he added.

Iran Khodro has managed to export 750 passenger cars to Iraq during the past six months. They included Samand LX, Peugeot Pars ELX as well as the newly designed Peugeot RD.

Meanwhile, following resolution of the earlier disputes over the exports of Peugeot 206 sedans, Iran’s giant automaker will soon – later this month – begin the sales of the product to Turkey, Algeria and Russia, Alireza Mirzaii further noted.

Five hundred passenger cars will be exported in the first phase of the export program. However, the figure is expected to rise to 2,882 within a period of two months.

The Peugeot 206 sedans to be exported will be offered in two 1600 cc and 1400 cc engine options with standard or automatic gearboxes.