Iran Praises Maliki for Saddam Hussein execution

AhmadinejadStop Fundamentalism, January 03 – Ali Akbar Velayati, Iran’s former foreign minister and council to the supreme leader, praised Nuri Al-Maliki, for the execution of Iraq’s former president Saddam Hussein,Wednsday.

“Firmness on behalf of the government forced the Americans to give in to Iraqi demands and execute Saddam,” he said and while referring to a television broadcast of Maliki’s signing of the execution papers, he continued, “We see that President Maliki with complete firmness, signs the papers in front of the cameras. This shows his self confidence.”

After these remarks Velayati continued threatening the countries in the region and said, “Our Arab friends in the region should know and should stop their defiance.  Defiance that will bring them no benefit, but will bring disorder to everywhere.” Demanding the countries in the region to accept Mullah’s Hegemony in the Middle East, he added, “The Middle East is like a big ship, if it is drowned, we’ll all be hurt.  They have to accept reality.”

Besides the United States, Iran is the only country that has officially supported the execution of Saddam Hussein.