Iran-Terrorism: Combat terrorism rooted in fundamentalism at its heart, Iran – Paris seminar

Paris seminarWednesday 16 November 2005  – On the initiative of the International Center for Research on Terrorism and aid to victims of terrorism, several experts on terrorism from the United States, Russia, France and Algeria participated in a seminar in Paris. Entitled “Terrorism, Fundamentalism, Prospects and Solutions,” the meeting was to discuss the roots of this dangerous phenomenon with particular reference to the Iranian regime.  FOH members and supporter proudly participated in this seminar.
Chaired by Yves Bonnet, former MP and head of the French counter-terrorism, the seminar was held in three sessions.
State sponsored terrorism was the subject of the first session of the seminar which outlined the four pillars of mullahs’ state terrorism as being:

–    Brutal persistent suppression inside Iran,
–    Export of Islamic fundamentalism abroad,
–    Export of crises to the region and worldwide including interference in the Middle-East peace process,
–    Allocation of extensive funds and facilities to acquire nuclear weapons.
“For mullahs’ regime, absence of any one of the above pillars would lead to its total collapse. In another part the regime’s meddling in Iraq and its export of fundamentalism to that country was discussed. The conclusion was that the heart of fundamentalism beats in Tehran and it is the center for terrorism and if it acquired nuclear weapons, it would pose the most serious threat to the world peace and security.

In the second session of the seminar the speakers agreed that Islamic fundamentalism was a source of terrorism. Referring to recent heinous remarks by Ahmadinejad, president of the clerical regime, they reiterated that Islamic fundamentalism had nothing to do with Islam.
The third session dealt with the prospects and solutions. “The terrorism which is threatening the world from New York to London, Madrid to Balli and the Middle-East is the creation of Islamic fundamentalism; therefore, combating terrorism cannot be separated from the fight against its root cause, namely Islamic fundamentalism.” The ruling mullahs in Iran were described as the biggest enemy of Islam. The appeasement policy toward mullahs’ regime was blamed as the main reason for growth of terrorism stemming from Islamic fundamentalism.
Other speakers in the third session included, Alain Vivien, former French deputy Foreign Minister and former president of the Interministerial Commission Against Cults; Sid Ahmed Ghozali, former Algerian Prime Minister; Marc Reyman, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly from the ruling UMP; Mario Stasi, former president of Paris Bar Association; Henri Leclerc, distinguished French lawyer; Mouloud Aounit, General Secretary of Movement Against Racism and Friendship Among Nations(MRAP); Francois Colcombet, judge and former Socialist member of the French National Assembly; Ghaleb Bencheikh, expert on Islamic affairs and Gilles Paruel, former president of Val d’Oise Province Bar Association.