Iran to stage a coup in Iraq – Sunni scholar

Stop Fundamentalism – According to a report by Al-Qods Al-Arabi on May 29 Al-Qobaissi a member of the Board of Muslim Scholars said that, "Every one knows what Iran is doing in Iraq: destabilization. Iran’s presence in Iraq has turned into a concrete reality. Iran wants to launch a coup in Iraq through killing, forced displacement of people and by using other instruments." 

A political commentator of Al-Jazeera TV, Leqaa Makki, said on May 30, "Violence has been rampant in Basra since three years ago. Previously, this used to be the killing of the elite. They killed the elite in all fields, those who opposed the Iranian presence in Basra or the Iranian groups or Iran loyalists in Iraq."

What is noteworthy is the improvement of the financial situation of some of the militias after the bombing in Samarra.  It is due to financial aid from Iran given to the leaders of these militia groups.

According to some reports by the Iraqi Defense Ministry, Iran has paid $200m to the militias for heroism of their members in attacking the Sunni mosques and killing of hundreds of Sunnis.

All the forces of these militias were from low income social classes, while presently, the lowest ranking members of these groups have cars, luxury houses, bank accounts, etc. These militias due to receipt of large sums of money from Iran have become the richest class of Iraq’s society.

A Lt. Col. from the Iraqi Defense Ministry said, "After the explosions in Samarra when the militias resorted to astonishing crimes against many people, we witnessed much improvement in the financial situation of over 20,000 members of these paramilitary groups," Al-Bassa’er daily reported on May 30.