Major seminar in Berlin exposed Iran’s violations of Human Rights and meddling in Iraq

Major seminar in Berlin exposed Iran's violations of Human Rights and meddling in Iraq
Wednesday, 28 December 2005

Berlin (Germany)- Friends Of Humanity co-sponsored a seminar on December 21 to expose Iran’s violations of Human Rights and meddling in Iraq.

First speaker a former Social Democrat member of the German Bundestag, Mrs. Ingrid Holzhüter expressed grave concern over the deteriorating human rights violations in Iran and regretted that the disgraced policy of appeasement had led to the emergence of Ahmadinejad, mullahs’ new president, who is making daily threats to the countries in the region and world over.

Frank Hammer, member of the German Parliament from the Left Party, expressed his support to the anti-fundamentalist objectives of the seminar and alarm over recent developments in Iran and stressed that remarks by Ahmadinejad should be taken serious as it reflects the true face of the fundamentalist regime.
Dr. Rolf Gössner, jurist, writer and a human rights activist, exposed the clerical regime’s efforts to manipulate the new Iraqi constitution and election.

Other distinguished speakers included, Lars Rise, former member of the Norwegian Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, Dr. Lorenz Wilkens, a historian and a Professor at Berlin’s Free University and Wolfgang Kalek, President of the Republican Bar Association and Professor Arnold.