Most Iraqi provinces are controlled by Iranian Revolutionary Guards

Stop Fundamentalism, – In Baghdad, Al-Haqaeq daily, reported on July 9 that Sheik Khalaf al-Oliyan, secretary general of National Dialogue Council of Iraq, in an exclusive interview with al-Haqaeq, said, “The Iranian regime’s interference is something proven to all, to the extent that it even involves the Iraqi Parliament.”

“It is common knowledge that the Iranian intelligence controls most Iraqi provinces; this is a fact. In numerous places including Diyala and Adhamyia, elements from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were arrested and turned over to the Americans,” Said al-Oliyands.

Meanwhile in the UK, the Minister of Foreign Affaires officially declared that the Iranian regime assists terrorist operations in Iraq.

Keith Simpson, member of UK parliament from the Conservative shadow Party requested the Ministry’s opinion regarding Iranian activities in supplying explosive materials, bombs and training for Shiite groups in Iraq and assistance of Iranian special forces for these groups.

McCartney, one of the deputies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the evidence gathered shows that the Shiite insurgent groups affiliated with Iran are using bombs against Iraqi people and the coalition forces.