Nasiriyah” calls on the government to invest six oil fields

 Iraqi National Congress, July 16 – The governor of Nasiriyah (southern Iraq) Aziz Alwan urged the Ministry of Oil to invest six oil fields in the areas of Qal’at Sukkar, Rifa’i, and Al-Bateha’a has not yet been explored.

He pointed to the importance of these fields to set up refineries, absorb pervasive unemployment in the province and scarcity of fuel, the establishment of vital projects, and the development of Infrastructure. He said that the development of these fields will provide more than 20 thousand jobs opportunities.

In addition, Italy has allocated 850 thousand Euros for the development of the petroleum industry in the city. Sadik Makki a member of the Council of Nasiriyah , said that these amounts will be used to establish a system for the liquidation of crude oil, two pressure units,production units, some technical tools and mechanisms, and tanks and ambulances, in addition to training specialized engineering maintenance of the pipes.