Seminar on fundamentalism in Toronto

Seminar on fundamentalism in, Tuesday, 20 December 2005 

December 18, 2005 – A seminar on issues of fundamentalism was held in Toronto, Canada calling for an end to mullah’s meddling in Iraq and it’s efforts to export fundamentalism.

The event was sponsored by Friends of Humanity, Committee in Defense of Human Rights in Iran, the International Coalition of Women against Fundamentalism in Canada and other Human Rights organizations as well. 

Distinguished Canadian, American and Iranian personalities addressed the convention which was attended by over 500 people.
The speakers called to step up the activities to haul the Iranian regime’s human rights record and nuclear file before the UN Security Council.

Yasmin Ratansi, a Liberal MP from Ontario, rejected mullahs’ president’s remarks in recent weeks as being in violation of all values respected by the world community.

Paul Forseth, a member of parliament from the Conservative Caucus of British Columbia, regretted that a bunch of mullahs have taken over Iran.

Expressing similar views was Hon. David Kilgour, an independent member of the Canadian House of Commons from Alberta.

Tareq Fatah, a member of the Canadian Muslim Congress and an anti-fundamentalist writer and a TV presenter, expressed his support for seminar objectives.

In a message to the convention, the International Coalition of Women against Fundamentalism hailed Iranian women in their struggle against the fundamentalist regime in Iran.