World countries should break diplomatic and economic ties with Iran

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Iranian struggle for freedom

The nationwide uprising in Iran and the surge of international support for it is witness to a fact that freedom and human rights can no longer be considered an internal affair issue to a country as the ruling theocratic regime tries to depict.

Today we all know that the Iranian people wish to be free.  But the struggle and cry for freedom in Iran is not limited to just Iranians.  All the people in the world are part of it now and the Iranian public realizes and welcomes the support.

We can say in one voice to all the dictators in the world now that when it comes to freedom, justice, and human rights, boarders, races and gender no longer matter.  Yes it is our business.

Please join us at Stop Fundamentalism, in our letter writing and awareness campaign to support Iranian people in their struggle for freedom.

1- Please join our community to help us with ideas and your comments

2- Write a letter to your president or head of state and country and ask for your country to break ties with Iran and the closure of the Iranian regime’s embassy in your country.

3- Help us spread the word.

We are new to this; please help us by your comments and suggestions and active participation.  We are working to provide more information with regards to your letter writing.  Please link to us at and spread the word.