Iran: When Will the Regime Stop Plundering the People’s Wealth?

Steel Industry
The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (MEK Iran / PMOI) the Iranian opposition to the mullahs’ regime has been instrumental in drawing the world’s attention to the regime’s crimes and corruption.  

Steel Industry

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), reported that during his Nowruz, Persian New Year speech, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said that the year 1399 was marked by a surge in production.

He elaborated on this by saying that the aluminium, steel, petrochemical and tyre industries advanced greatly. But it must be noted that these industries are dominated by the notorious IRGC and Khamenei himself meaning that this production surge is simply another example of the national wealth being plundered.

Because of this production surge when it comes to the IRGC and Khamenei’s institutions, millions of Iranians have been plunged into poverty because of the closure of hundreds of private factories.

Khamenei and his financials
(PMOI / MEK Iran), and (NCRI): Khamenei’s Economic Empire Designated by the U.S. Treasury

Over the past few years, the regime has decimated the middle class in Iran. It has created a massive gap between the rich (regime officials and those affiliated with the regime) and the poor (the ordinary people of Iran).

So many people in Iran are living far below the poverty line with more and more people falling into the absolute poverty category. People are being forced out of cities where they cannot afford rents and a huge portion of the population find it impossible to make ends meet.

(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): Iranian Inflation Rate is a Major Cause of Poverty.

Due to various factors, including the very poorly managed Coronavirus health crisis, many people lost their jobs during the previous Iranian year (1399). The state-run Jahan-e Sanat said that during the first quarter of 1399 alone, 5.1 million employees and 2 million active workers left the job market.

And the plundering is never-ending. For example, President Hassan Rouhani (with the backing of the Supreme Leader) encouraged people to buy shares at the Stock Market Exchange. People did but it all went wrong and many people lost a lot of money. Some lost their whole life savings. Yet the regime does not take responsibility for its actions.

The Iranian regime is behind all of the economic troubles
(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): The Iranian regime is behind all of the economic troubles, yet it cannot admit to it.

Iran is a country that has great natural wealth. It is a wealth that should be shared among the people and enjoyed by all, but this has never been the case with the regime and it never will be. Iran has extensive gas and oil resources but these are of course under the control of the IRGC and the Supreme Leader.

The Iranian regime is at a dead end. International sanctions are crippling the regime, making it difficult to carry out some of the activities that it relies on for its survival, such as the funding of terrorist proxies, meddling abroad, and so on. So it continues to plunder the wealth of the people. It has all but begged the international community for sanctions relief but it is not a given.

(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): Answer to the Iranian regime belligerence is more sanctions.

The people of Iran want to see the regime collapse. They are completely exasperated at the regime’s plundering and economic mismanagement and they know the only way they will ever have a prosperous future is if the mullahs are removed from the equation. They see that the regime is at the root of all of their problems and is at the centre of every crisis that the country faces.