Who is Mehdi Akhoond-Zade?

Mehdi Akhoond-Zade BastiJudge Antinn of the Swiss Magistrate quite recently issued an international arrest warrant for Ali Fallahian, a top Iranian security chief and Iran’s Minister of Intelligence in the early 1990s.  This arrest warrant unveiled a state terrorist record after 16 years. The propitiators in Iran thought that they can get away with it counting yet again on the inaction of the European governments when it came to the ruling clerical regime in Iran.

Stop Fundamentalism has recently learnt through its sources that the commander and designer of the Swiss attack on the Iranian human rights activist, Professor Kazem Rajavi is currently assigned as the Iranian ambassador to Germany.

Who is Akhoond-Zadeh?

Akhoond Zadeh is the former top commander of the terror attack in Coppet on the morning of April 22, 1991 in Switzerland which resulted in the assassination of Dr. Kazem Rajavi, a political opponent of the Mullahs’ theocracy in Iran and a human rights activist.

Iran’s state-controled media reported ”On suggestion by foreign minister , Manocher Motaki and approval of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Mohammad Mehdi Akhoond-Zadeh was chosen as the new Iranian ambassador to Germany”.

There is no doubt that he is one of the most active commanders of regime’s terror squads out of Iran.

Born in 1955, Mohammad Mehdi Akhoond-Zadeh at the time of the terror attack was the Director of Political and International Affairs in the Iranian foreign ministry.

Mehdi Akhoond-Zadeh Basti, who had supervised different security apparatus, went to Geneva in August of 1989 to personally oversee the plan already in progress for the assassination of Dr. Rajavi.

Only 6 days before the actual operation he arrived in Switzerland on the same Iran-Air flight as the two other members of the terror squad Seyed Dansh and Naser Pourmirzai arrived.

He and Hadi Najafabadi (a regime operative) stayed in an Intercontinental Hotel room reserved by Mullahs’ ambassador to Switzerland Mohammad Malaik in person. Only a few hours after completing the terror operation returned back to Tehran with Najafabadi.

A report filed by the Swiss police two months later, confirmed Akhoond Zadeh’s role in the murder,”… A day after assassination of Kazim Rajavi , two Iranian diplomats, Mohammad Mehdi Akhoond-Zadeh and Serous Nassri were accused by Massoud Rajavi , victim’s brother, of  the killing with help from then Iranian ambassador Mohammad Malaik”.

The report meticulously goes into details of the case including passport numbers, flight number with which both accomplices returned, seat numbers in the Iran-Air flight, times involved and…at end the police report concludes, ”… Having examined all detailed information, it is certain that one or more of the Iranian intelligence agencies were directly involved in the killing of Kazim Rajavi.  From secret sources it is also proven that the two diplomats were in Geneva on 23rd and 24th of 1990.”

Routinely, the Mullahs’ regime gives promotions to its assassins by elevating them to ambassadors and other key diplomatic positions. Spreading such dangerous cold blooded criminals in the world serves two proposes, one using their past experience in probable assignments of the same nature in the future and secondly the Mullahs can use their services as back ups in other logistical needs.