Camp Ashraf Countdown: Hundreds in Geneva form a Human Chain

Stop Fundamentalism – Hundreds of demonstrators in Geneva formed a human chain, despite heavy whether condition, connecting UN’s High Commission for Human Rights headquarters in this city to High Commission for Refugees Friday to show concern about the safety of Iranian exiles living in Camp Ashraf, Iraq.

The situation becomes more critical as the deadline for the 3400 residents of Camp Ashraf draws near. 

Iraqi forces attacked the camp last April killing 36 residents and wounding hundreds in a raid that was condemned by the international community.  The residents of the camp are unarmed.

The residents are opponents of the Iranian regime which is very close to Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. He has ordered the Camp closed by the end of the year.  In other words he will expel all people who currently live in the camp. 

For weeks the Iranian Resistance has amplified its calls to international community to warn about a massacre in the horizon.  The United States that was responsible to protect the camp has not lived up to its commitments.  Brigadier General David Phillips, former commander of police operations in Iraq, is calling of the White House to fulfill its promises and prevent a tragedy from taking place.

The Iranian Resistance states that the Ayatollahs’ regime in Iran has deployed its intelligence and Quds Force elements in Iraq to prepare the grounds for an attack against Camp Ashraf.

There have been heavy diplomatic efforts on the part of United Nations and European Union and United States but none has yet resulted into a solution.

Earlier last week, Martin Kobler, UN’s Special Envoy to Iraq warned the European countries that they should accept Ashraf residents because he feared a dangerous faceoff.  He stressed that negotiations to prevent a bloodbath is continuing until the last minute.

Calls to the government of Iraq by the international community to postpone the deadline have fallen to deaf ears.