France Elects Socialist Francois Hollande for President

Stop Fundamentalism – Over 82 percent of French voters participated in the final round of French presidential elections Sunday. Socialist, Francois Hollande, received 52 percent of the vote making him France’s second Socialist president, after Franco Mitterrand who left Elyse Palace 17 years ago. 

Hollande, 57, promises to be a “Reformist Socialist” and is said to be planning to take a center position.  He promises to focus on reducing budget deficit, fight unemployment and find a solution to the country’s financial crisis as part of the Euro zone.  He supports the European Union.  Hollande was the head of the French Socialist Party for 11 years.

Hollande says he wants to pull the French military out of Afghanistan earlier than planned. 

On the other hand defeated Sarkozy says he will not lead his party’s parliamentary bid next month.  He said that he accepted responsibility for the defeat in his withdrawal speech following the announcement of election results last night.  He called Hollande on the phone after announcement of results and wished him good luck. 

While the extremist right-wing National Front party refused to support Sarkozy during the runoff elections against his socialist rival, Hollande enjoyed support from within the left and also the liberals who came in his support during the final days before the Sunday.

After his election, Hollande told reporters that he wants to bring hope to everyone. “The change has already begun,” said Hollande to the crowd gathered to celebrate his triumph. “I’m the president of everyone now. France is one now.”

French presidential elections take place every five years.