Iran Threatens European Union of Oil Ban Consequences

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian regime foreign ministry called the European Union’s announced ban on Iranian oil imports, illogical and unjustifiable, in a statement released yesterday by the ministry.

“The responsibility for all consequences of these efforts to create tension in on the European Union,” said the statement.

European Union Foreign Ministers agreed Monday to ban buying Iranian oil.  With this agreement no new contracts will be signed with Iranian oil companies and all active contracts have until July 1 to wrap-up thief operation.

All Iranian oil import and export is managed and controlled by Iranian Revolutionary Guards, IRGC.

Following the announcement by the European ministers, Australia has also joined with the oil embargo yesterday.

Iran threatened earlier this month that it will close the Strait of Hormuz if western countries sanction Iran’s oil and Central Bank but later retreated from the threat. Currently United States has reinforced its naval presence in the Persian Gulf region and British and French Naval ships have also joined in.

Regional Arab countries foremost Saudi Arabia have vowed to raise their oil output in order to prevent a shortage of fuel supplies and a rise in oil prices.