Iranians Arrested in Spain for Spying on Dissidents

Stop Fundamentalism – The Spanish police has arrested three Iranians on the suspicions of spying on Iranian regime dissidents and reporting back to Tehran, said a statement by the Interior Ministry yesterday.

The three apparently worked with an NGO that helped Iranian refugees in Spain with translation and legal advice.  They used their access to refugees’ personal information to provide identities of asylum seekers in Spain to the Iranian secret services.

Spain has not released the names of those arrested but one of those charged, based on the Spanish police announcement, worked for the Iranian regime’s embassy in Madrid.

Jerusalem Post reported on Saturday that the Spanish police believe that the three belonged to a “spy network” run by the Iranian MOIS from Iran’s Embassy in Madrid.  According to the Newspaper, the network aimed to oversee, investigate and even threaten Iranian dissidents’ residing in Spain.

This is not the first time that reports reveal existence of Iranian spies among refugees.  Previously similar cases in Netherland and Sweden have been reported.