Iran: 79% of Southern Town Residents Lack Drinking Water

79% of the 283,000 people living in the city of Chabahar in southern Iran are deprived of piped drinking water in their homes, according to city official Ayoub Darvishi of the Chabahar.

“400 villages around this city lack piping, and drinking water is provided through tankers and in rations. Each resident has a ration of 15 liters of water per day,” he explained.

 The appointed governor of Chabahar on Tuesday, June 6 admitted to the deteriorating situation of people in this area while stating, “400 villages of this city lack water network system and the drinking water of the residents is maintained with tankers.

The daily water quota of each resident is also 15 liters per day and they get water on mobile tankers.”

The governor affiliated with the regime did not explain the reason to this tragedy. He then stated, “out of 283 thousand inhabitants, 79% of people are deprived of water supply network and only 21% of the rural population is provided with clean water and sanitation network in Chabahar.”

Meanwhile, Sistan and Baluchestan Province Water and Wastewater reported that 62% of the villages do not have water supply system and 981 villages are supplied with water on mobile tankers in this province.