Iran Discover’s Anti-Religious Social Network Connected to Foreign Embassies

Stop Fundamentalism, 20 August 2011 – Its all about destruction of things with the Mullahs’ regime it seems; this time on the internet.

Following setbacks on Iran’s plan to prevent people from having access to free internet and its failure in filtering the medium, now it seems Iran is looking for some way of showing a little mussel on the internet. 

According to state-run news agencies, regime’s ministry of Intelligence has now found and destroyed what it describes as an anti-religious network on the internet. 

“Administrators of the illegal website had created a huge network of sites and weblogs and chartrooms on different social networks,” say’s Iran’s MOIS. 

With its very elaborate explanations, regime’s agency seems to be trying to show that a major discovery has taken place but from the technical part of the report, what is apparent is that they have managed to hack another poor soul’s website again.    

In its report MOIS says, “During investigations, a number of people were arrested and also the role played by a number of European Embassy’s were uncovered.  The criminals confessed having contact with alien elements.”

The Agency calls on the Iranian people to control their children and force them to use less internet.