Iran Wants to Make a Documentary Movie about Wall Street Protests

Stop Fundamentalism – Following the success of an Iranian movie, A Separation, winning the Golden Globe Awards for Best Foreign Language Movie, now Iranian producers want a bigger chunk of not just Hollywood but the Wall Street as well.

An Iranian film producer has announced plans to create a documentary movie about Wall Street protests.

“My aim is to shed light on the movement,” said Iranian producer Ali Farsi. “Three different movies will be produces, one by an American film maker and the other two by two Iranians documentary film makers.”

With Arab Spring and the events that followed including the intervention of international community to stop the bloodshed in Libya and other places, the Iranian government officials have been trying to somehow compare the Wall Street protests to the Arab Spring, to mainly calm their own forces and supporters and control the anxiety that the Arab uprising may spill over to Iran soon.

Farsi said that the scenario and the plans have been finalized and cameras will be rolling in ten days.