Iranians Prepare for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York

Nima Sharif
Once again, it is time for heads of states to address the general assembly meeting of the United Nations in New York.  An opportunity that the overly isolated and mostly hated Mahmoud Ahmadinejad does not seem to want to miss.

As every year, Ahmadinejad’s presence is not welcomed and is protested against by thousands who are getting used to attending his unwelcoming demonstration in front of the United Nations building.  This is an event that the Iranian-Americans do not seem to want to miss.

The annual event however, took a turn last year in the wake of the nationwide anti-government demonstrations and protests in Iran.  Suddenly Ahmadinejad, a President who was internationally known for his big mouth and lies, grew into a nuclear bomb-seeking dictator who was not only hated by his countrymen who never had voted for him, but also internationally.

This year, the event takes place as Ahmadinejad’s government begins to feel the sharp edge of the international sanctions imposed upon him for his nuclear bomb making efforts.  That is in addition to his lack of support from the Iranian public that he has always enjoyed.

This year also, the Iranian-Americans are planning a protest rally at the United Nations to voice their dismay for Ahmadinejad’s presence.  An Iranian protester who was promoting the event said, “The United Nations is no place for dictators,” and “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad does not represent me,” said another Iranian participant.

The demonstration will be on September 23rd.  To receive more information see the following links: