Iran Is Removing Earth At Suspicious Nuclear Site

Stop Fundamentalism –  Satellite Images of the Iranian disputed nuclear site, Parchin, are the cause concern among nuclear experts and diplomats accredited by the UN nuclear agency, IAEA, said Associated Press on Friday.  Pictures show trucks and heavy machinery removing earth at the Parchin military site.  The activities are a sign that Iran is planning a cover-up of its nuclear tests at this location.

IAEA had reported late last year that there are reports that Iran had worked on a small version of neutron trigger. The device can only be used in a nuclear warhead.  It is presumed that the test had taken place at Parchin.

Parching is located inside a military compound inaccessible to outsiders.  Repeated attempts by the nuclear agency to visit the site have failed in the past.  But recently Iran announced that it is ready to discuss possibility of a visit to the site by UN inspectors.