EU Sanctions Iran Five for Saudi Ambassador Terror Plot


Stop Fundamentalism – The European Union said Friday that it has imposed Sanctions on five individuals believed to have participated or are responsible for the murder plot of the Saudi Ambassador in Washington Last Tuesday, said AFP.

The United States and Great Britain had announced earlier this week that they have put sections on the individuals involved.  The sanctions include asset freeze.

One man by the name of Mansour Arbabsiar, a naturalized American citizen and a former used car salesman, is currently in US custody.  US say Arbabsiar has confessed and provided information about the plot.

Gholam Shakuri is also included in the list of sanctions as the second person involved directly in the conspiracy.  He is believed to be a key figure in the Iranian Quds force and currently in Iran.

Ghassem Soleimani, the commander of the IRGC’s Quds force and two other Quds force officers have been named in the sanctions list.

US says Arbabsiar and Shakuri will be arraigned Monday.