Deputy commander of Qods Force admits to Iranian regime’s meddling in Syria

The National Council of Resistance of Iran have reported that the deputy commander of the terrorist Qods Force mentioned the Iranian regime’s participation in the Syrian Civil War and the slaughter of the people. He said that this year is a year of destiny for the Iranian regime. On Saturday 5th November 2016, the ISNA News Agency (affiliated with the regime) reported the deputy commander Esmail Qaani as saying: “In the current year, destiny only determines the result of this Civil War in Syria. This war requires commanders who can impose the will of the Iranian regime to the enemies.” This was said at a ceremony commemorating one of the commanders of IRGC in Syria, Hossein Hamedani, at the Military University of Imam Hossein.

He said that the Syrian Civil War is a fundamental battle for the regime and said that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Forces and those deployed to Syria for the war need to be strong and firm and have to fight with all of their dignity.

“Of course this war will continue and it will not simultaneously end with the incidents of Iraq and Syria since this war is based on identity and existence and it will continue. Today Syria needs the commanders who can impose the will of the Islamic Republic of Iran to their enemies. It is actually a significant character that each commander of the Assad’s regime should have.”

Speaking about the failed plans of the Syrian regime, Qaani said: “The enemies made an effort to break our will. We could not fulfil the IRI’s will unless our commanders resisted. I appreciate the commander Hossein Hamedani who did not withhold any attempt to fight with the enemies in the Syrian war. By the time he was appointed as the commander of the Advisory Forces in Syria, the situation in Syria was so critical that an airplane was targeted with a shell while landing at Damascus Airport. The Takfiris Forces fired the presidential palace with shells and they have marched until the back of the Iranian Embassy in Syria.”

The NCRI say that other media outlets including the Guardian have reported Hossein Hamedani’s death in Aleppo in October last year showing the growing support of the IRI for Assad’s regime. 

Brigadier General Qasem Soleimani, the Commander of Qods Force, had issued a statement to Basij and IRGC forces asking them not to pay attention to criticism about his policies as well as the role of IRGC in Syria and other regions.

The NCRI point out: “Khamenei personally directs the operations of Qods Forces outside the borders and the Iranian regime avoids releasing any information to people on the number of death tolls and the amount of money spent on the war. Nevertheless, the statement of the Commander of Qods Force, as well as the remarks of his Deputy Esmail Qaani, signify that Iran’s meddling in the Syrian Civil War is even criticized by some military commanders and political authorities in the country.”