Doubts about Argentine prosecutor killing himself mounts

The ex-wife of a prosecutor who was investigating the Iranian regime’s involvement on the 1994 bombing in Argentina does not believe he killed himself on the eve of his testimony before congress.

Judge Sandra Arroyo answering reporters who asked Tuesday whether her ex-husband’s death was a suicide, said: “No.”

Meanwhile, investigators have found suspicious prints near the apartment of late Argentine prosecutor, the Argentine daily newspaper El Littoral reported.

Investigators have found suspicious fingerprints and footprints in an air conditioning service entrance into the apartment, according to the report.

Family members and supporters of Alberto Nisman have rejected initial findings that he committed suicide.

Congresswoman Cornelia Schmidt-Liermann said she had planned to pick Nisman up at his residence on Monday and accompany him to congress for his testimony.

“Everybody who had contact with him in the past 24 hours says he was confident” about his testimony, she told The Associated Press. “There is no indication, under any circumstances, that he killed himself.”

Colleagues said they’d seen no sign Nisman planned to kill himself and no suicide letter was found, according to an adviser to the ministry who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The locksmith who opened the back door to give investigators access to the home where Alberto Nisman was found dead said that it was barely closed, raising questions about whether a killer might have entered what was earlier described as a securely locked 13th-story apartment.

After testifying to investigators, the man who gave his name only as Walter said he was able to quickly open the door with a hook. He added, “If someone entered or not, I don’t know.”

Mr Nisman himself had 10 federal bodyguards – but it was not clear where they were on Sunday, at the time of his death.

Ricardo Darin, Argentina’s most famous actor, who starred in Oscar-winning The Secrets in their Eyes and is nominated again this year, said he was left shocked and confused by the case. In The Secrets in their Eyes, he plays a criminal prosecutor investigating a complex case.

“If a state prosecutor who is in charge of such a significant case doesn’t have any guarantees for his survival and appears dead the night before his presentation in Congress – what hope do the rest of us have?” he said.

“I just don’t understand it.”