Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir: Iran should stop fanning terror in the region

 Instead of apologizing for the attacks on Saudi diplomatic missions, Iran’s leaders must change their government’s policies, become good neighbors, stop supporting militant groups, desist from assassinating people and not harbor terrorists, said Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir in an interview published Friday.


Al-Jubeir said Iran has behaved in this manner for more than 35 years. “The message has been sent to Tehran clearly by the GCC countries, Arab League and now from the Islamic community that this is enough,” he said.

“The Muslim world will never accept such actions. If it continues to do so, then Muslim states would have no option but to take more measures against Iran,” Al-Jubeir was quoted as saying.

Al-Jubeir said the OIC foreign ministers’ meeting barring Lebanon unanimously condemned Iran’s actions on Thursday.

“The resolution was very clear, condemning what had happened at the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and its consulate in Mashhad. It held Iran responsible and condemned its support for terrorism. The position of these countries was clear and strong against Iran’s aggression …”

Al-Jubeir elaborated: “If Iran wants to be a respectable state in Muslim society and the world in general, it must work to improve its image, not interfere in the affairs of the region and foment sectarian strife …”

However, Al-Jubeir made it clear that Haj and Umrah would not be affected by the tension between the two countries. “Iranians are welcome in the Kingdom because it is the right of every Muslim. This is a religious issue and it has nothing to do with politics.”

He said the Kingdom was seeking advice from fellow Arab and Muslim countries on what steps it should now take after severing diplomatic ties with Iran.