How will the U.S. respond to the news of the capture of the Khobar Towers mastermind?

Barack Obama, like many U.S. presidents before him, is prepared to look past the disturbing behavior of the Iranian regime in order to build bridges with Tehran. As highlighted in the Wall Street Journal, Bill Clinton acted in the same manner when Iran’s involvement in the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia became evident.

The FBI director at that time, Louis Freeh, claimed that the Clinton Administration failed to respond to the findings of the investigation into the terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 19 U.S. servicemen and injured hundreds of others.

Will Congress act now that the Saudis have reportedly captured the man believed to have instigated the attack? Of course it would have been better timing for Obama if the capture of the mastermind behind the attack happened after the deal had been finalized, but it should serve as yet another reminder that Iran has “never hesitated to shed American blood”.

One must question what will happen when the U.S. practically gives $100 billion to the Iranian regime just for saying they will not build a nuclear weapon. What is even more puzzling is that Obama himself has said that he is fully aware that the regime will use some of these funds to finance terrorist activity. Now is the time to put the regime back in its place by using the economic force that the U.S. has.