Iran’s disastrous role in Syria

by Azita Carlson
With the seven-year-long conflict in Syria showing no sign of ending, it seems like the Iranian Regime should start re-thinking their involvement in a war that has cost them so much.

The Iranian Regime has lost many soldiers during its support of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, over 2,000 according to official estimates, but it is worth noting that the Iranian Regime has been downplaying this number in order to keep morale high among the troops.

There are also the casualties from the Iranian proxy groups, made up of fighters from Iran’s terror cells (i.e. Hezbollah), refugees, and even children, which make up another several thousand deaths.

Hamid Zomorrodi a former naval officer and military analyst, said that this represented “poor planning and amateurish leadership” on behalf of the Iranian Regime.

This was confirmed in an account from General Hussein Hamadani, which was published after his death in combat in Syria.
Hamdani reported that the Iranian army and their proxies were not given instructions and that the Syrian military didn’t even want Iran there, which is why the Iranian Regime pretended that they were in Syria to defend the shrines.

Aawsat wrote: “Iranian forces don’t know what they are supposed to do apart from killing as many Syrians and possible.”
Even the commanders that you have heard about in the Iranian forces are not what they seem. Take Major-General Qassem Soleimani who heads Iran’s militant Quds Force for example. He has little field experience, lacks his own combat units, and is incapable of developing a strategic vision for conflict.

It’s worth noting that some of the problems that the Iranian Regime cause for themselves here was sending almost all of their fighters in because they didn’t know who would be best. Iran even sent in experts in underwater fighting, who ultimately died, even though there is no water conflict in the Syrian war.

Worse still, this number included refugees, and actual children who ‘volunteered’ in order to ensure that their families would have a better life.

Of course, the Iranian public has been loudly calling for the Regime to leave Syria, noting that they should never have gone in to begin with and that the Iranian people have been largely kept in the dark about the war.
All that Iran’s involvement in the Syrian conflict has done, according to the Iranian people, is:
•depleted Iranian finances
•propped up a dictator who could have been overthrown by his people years ago
•killed thousands of Syrian civilians
This is why the rest of the world should stand with the Iranian people and their calls for regime change. It will save Iran and it might save Syria as well.