Iranian Quds Force Drug Trafficker on US Black List

Stop Fundamentalism – The U.S. treasury says it has sanctioned IRGC Commander, the Iranian Brigadier General Gholamreza Baghbani, as a designated narcotics trafficker. 

Baghbani, who is currently commanding Iran’s Quds force units stationed in Zahedan, located in southeast of Iran, helps the traffic of chemicals necessary to produce Heroin from Iran to Afghanistan.  He also help traffic of opium from Afghanistan to Iran and then on to other destinations.

Baghbani is the first Iranian official to be designated as a drug trafficker.  This freezes any assets he may have in U.S. and bars Americans from doing business with him.

Bghbani has allowed smugglers to operate on his territory and used them to move weapons to the Taliban, says the U.S. Treasury Department.