Silence Toward Iran’s Religious Fascism Is Beyond Shameful

EU wrong policy toward Iran is shameful

EU wrong policy toward Iran is shameful

By Azita Carlson

As Iran’s regime tries to force the international community into silence and surrender in face of its belligerent behavior, the only true solution is to standup against this regime’s terrorism.

The mullahs’ regime is unable to control popular uprisings, and is incapable of preventing the collapse of the country’s economy. Because of the regime’s warmongering policies, the people of Iran are grappling with poverty. Iranian families can’t afford their most basic needs.

As the appeasement policy is reaching its end, and the international pressure on the regime escalates, the mullahs find no solution but to increase domestic oppression and export of terrorism abroad, particularly in the Middle East. Iran’s regime has refused to stop its ballistic missile program and is stepping up its terrorist activities, such as the foiled terrorist plots against the annual “Free Iran” gathering of the Iranian resistance, the Persian New Year assembly of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI, MEK) in Albania, and a mortar attack against the Kurdish-Iranian groups in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

Terrorism is the single largest strategic instrument of the Iranian regime for blackmailing western governments.

Terrorist plots are approved in the Supreme National Security council, under the supervision of Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, and the Ministry of intelligence and security (MOIS). The terrorist Quds forces are the operators. And the ministry of foreign affairs provides logistic support and, once the plan carried out, tries to white wash it.

To continue its terrorist activities and cover them up, Iran’s regime uses its lobbyists to picture the regime’s terrorist activities as actions by the so-called a rogue part of regime’s factions; so they could prepare the ground for the appeasement policy. The statement of Jean-Yves Ledrian, French minister of foreign affairs, about the regime’s foiled terrorist plot against the annual “Free Iran” gathering of the Iranian resistance, once again underlined that the MOIS was responsible for this failed terrorist plot.

Silence towards Iran’s regime terrorism is more destructive than its terrorism itself, and indeed, the people of Iran pay the price of this wrong policy.

To confront regime’s terrorism, western powers must take firm action and expel its ambassadors and close its embassies, which are in fact centers of espionage. Western powers also have to stop dealing with front companies of the IRGC, end their long-lasting silence towards human rights violation in Iran and to stand with the people of Iran and their resistance in overthrowing the mullahs’ regime.