US – Iran: Aircraft Carrier Sent to Middle East

Stop Fundamentalism – The United States sent its Stennis aircraft carrier four months ahead of schedule to the Middle East region in face of growing threats in the region by countries such as Iran and Syria.

“Obviously, Iran is one of those threats,” Leon Panetta, US Secretary of Defense, told the crew members aboard USS Stennis. Secondly, it is the turmoil in Syria,” he said.

In January when Stennis left the Persian Gulf region, from its base in Bahrain, to be replaced by USS Enterprise, Iranian army chief threatened the US and said that the “Carrier better not return to the Gulf.” Ataollah Salehi added that Iran is not in the “habit of warning more than once.”

The Stennis had been due to deploy next to the Pacific towards the end of 2012 but its return to active duty has been brought forward by four months because of the growing tension in the Gulf and Middle East.