Who is General Gholam Shakuri of Iranian Quds Force?

Stop Fundamentalism – An Iranian dissident website, Hambastegimeli.com, revealed information from internal Iranian sources  about the identity of the second perpetrator of the assassination plot in Washington, today.

According to the website, General Gholam Shakuri is an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps commander assigned to Quds forces.  His complete name is “Behnam Gholam Shakuri” born in the city of Hamedan.  He currently carries a rank of General in IRGC.

Shakuri joined the Revolutionary Guards after the Iranian revolution in 1979, when Ayatollah Khomeini ousted Mohammad Reza Shah’s regime. He fought in the Iran-Iraq war and was one of the elements of torture and crackdown on the Iranian opposition during the 1980s and participated in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in that country.

Shakuri joined the Iranian Quds Forces in 1990 when it was first formed and became one of the commanding officers in that force.   He is said to be a confidant of General Ghasem Soliemani who is the commander of the Force and very close to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Irani’s Supreme Leader.

Gholam Shakuri is familiar with Arabic language and holds an office in Lebanon. He is in direct contact with Naeem Ghassem, a deputy of Lebanon’s Hezbollah Chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.  In addition, he has been assigned the task to oversee the situation in Bahrain by Ghasem Soleimani and aims to export the Islamic revolution to that country.  For this reason he holds an office in the Iranian southern city of Bushehr.

Iranian agents in Bahrain are in direct contact with Shakuri and meet him in Iraq and Lebanon regularly.  One of the meetings was with Hossein Mashima that took place last February in Beirut.  Shakuri’s activities in Bahrain and his latest operation in Washington are all under directions and supervision by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The assassination plot in the United States against Saudi Ambassador was meant to act as an element to speed up the revolution in Bahrain.  It was discussed in a special top ranking coordinating committee headed by Ali Ashghar Hejazi under supervision of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.  

According to Hambastegimeli.com the Plot was well discussed and approved by Khamenei Supreme Leader himself and the responsibility to carry on the operation was then given to Shakuri as the top man of Bahrain operation.