39 Years of Resistance for a Free Iran Marked by Online Conference

Online Conference
39 Years of Resistance for a Free Iran Marked by Online Conference
Online Conference

The Iranian Resistance’s supporters along with renowned global politicians came together for a virtual conference initiated on June 20th by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) on June 20. This is to honor the start of the Iranian resistance, nearly 39 years ago.

The participants particularly emphasized their utmost support for the Iranian Resistance (PMOI / MEK Iran) and the Iranian people’s struggle to free Iran from the shackles of the tyrannous mullahs. They also supported wholeheartedly the establishment of universal suffrage and democracy.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the NCRI’s president-elect, was the keynote speaker. She said the Iranian people were ready to overthrow the regime as can be seen by the November 2019 and January 2020 protests. She emphasized that it is now the international community’s turn to listen and support the resistance. She said she no longer wanted to see the regime take Iranian people’s money and use it to prop up their corrupt government. She appealed to the conference to support the extension of international sanctions against the trading of weapons within the region. 

Mrs. Rajavi continued to say that the regime should be made accountable for all the executions and murders that have taken place throughout their rule and the global community must recognize immediately that the resistance movement, Iran’s youth, and all Iranians should be supported in their right to resist all that is going on in Iran which is a detriment to the well-being of its people. She also used the conference to tell the Iranian people that the regime’s diplomat who was arrested in Belgium 2 years ago would not be set free despite the regime’s efforts.

This is linked to the regime’s planned massacre in Villepinte in Paris where the resistance movement had organized an event. Fortunately, the incident was stopped, and the terrorists were arrested. The trial is just about to begin which is a victory for preventing terrorism.  She stated in her final words that the (PMOI / MEK Iran) was still subject to continuing terrorist acts against its members.

Other speakers at the virtual conference included the following:

  • Vice-chair of ECR Group and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee;
  • Steve McCabe, Member of Parliament from the UK;
  • Senator Robert Torricelli;
  • Rita Süssmuth, former President of the German Bundestag and former Minister;
  • Representatives of the Iranian community in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Rama Yade, France’s former Human Rights Minister;
  • Michèle de Vaucouleurs, member of the French Parliament;
  • Ingrid Betancourt, former Colombian Presidential Candidate;
  • Hermann Tertsch, Member of the European Parliament from Spain;
  • Faisal Al-Rfouh, former Jordanian Minister;
  • Baroness Verma, former Minister and member of the UK House of Lords;
  • Antonio Tasso, member of the Italian Parliament.

Voices and messages from the virtual conference

Senator Robert Torricelli said he was proud of the struggle in the last 30 years against the theocracy in Iran and he is waiting for a new start for the Iranian people. He said that the MEK and Mrs. Rajavi are welcomed in most capitals throughout the world.

  • Baroness Verma told the event said that it is now the time for Britain to support the alternative to Iran’s theocratic rule and she said the Iranians should be able to look forward to a prosperous future.
  • Rita Süssmuth told Mrs. Rajavi that she was an outstanding leader in her target of promoting equality for men and women in Iran and that this will be a turning point for the Iranian people.
  • Rama Yade said to Maryam Rajavi that with the mobilization of youth you are close to victory and “Ashraf 3 is your victory.”
  • Michele de Vaucouleurs said he is impressed by how Iranian girls and women are standing up for themselves against the regime’s misogynist rule.
  • Antonio Tasso told the NCRI’s conference that The European Union “must stand with the Iranian people.”
  • British MP, Steve McCabe, said he applauded how the MEK has survived despite the continual measures used to repress it but now he believes that the mullahs’ regime is about to come to an end.
  • Ingrid Betancourt said she was proud to be part of the Iranian resistance. She said she believed that the people of Iran never wanted the theocracy but could never eliminate it but now the time has come to overthrow the mullah’s regime.
  • Faisal Odeh Al Rfouh alluded to the COVID-19 outbreak in Iran and said the regime had ignored the people and they didn’t even know how many of its citizens had lost their lives to the virus.

“MEK supporters in Europe and representatives of the Iranian community abroad reiterated their support for the Iranian Resistance and vowed to be the voice of the Iranian people in their quest for freedom and democracy.”