Iran regime aggression in Yemen condemned by Political Prisoners

Political prisoners being held in Gohardasht Prison in the city of Karaj issued a statement that condemns the interference and aggression shown by the clerical regime of Iran in Yemen.

The said statement described the actions taken by Iran as “a definite consequence of the West’s policy of appeasement” , hinting that these policies used by the west towards the Iranian regime play a role in their aggressive stance and free hand in these dealings. The Iranian regime which refers to as Daesh (IS) ruling Iran has played a significant hand in Yemen and the Houthi takeover.

The statement was published on a number of Persian language websites stated: “The war and violence in Yemen is a definite consequence of the appeasement policy by the Obama administration vis-à-vis the aggressive policies of the Daeshs ruling Iran throughout the region.”

This statement added: “This ludicrous and contradictory policy of the government of the United States has led the regime ruling Iran to abuse the power vacuum in the Middle East and to now engulf the region in total violence, insecurity and war.”