Iranians have been protesting for five weeks in a row, despite regime’s harsh crackdown

Conflicts erupted between prisoners and regime jailors in the regime's infamous Evin Prison, as the prisoners began to protest in support of the ongoing uprising.

One thing is certain: the Iranian regime is crumbling. Every night for about a month, people have taken to the streets to protest against the regime.

Protests spread across Iran

Protests have now spread to 193 cities, with more than 400 people killed, according to figures released by the Iranian opposition group People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK). The MEK has also reported the names of 224 protesters who were killed. The protests are now becoming more violent by the day, and more footage shows how aggressively the police reacted to the protesters.

Conflicts erupted two nights ago between prisoners and regime jailors in the regime’s infamous Evin Prison, as the prisoners began to protest in support of the ongoing uprising. According to eyewitnesses, prison ward 7 has been completely destroyed by fire and at least 60 people were killed or injured during clashes in which the regime used live ammunition.



Bloodbath in the prison

While the regime’s media has only reported four deaths, critics from around the world warned of a bloodbath in the prison.

At night, traffic jams and system-critical protests occurred around the prison, with slogans such as ‘Death to the dictator’ repeated over and over. The area was cordoned off by police and security forces, who used tear gas.

To control the protests, the regime is doing everything it can to portray itself as a women-friendly system. However, actions by its security forces and propaganda apparatus have spoiled its stumbles.



The nationwide protests

In an incident that sparked outrage across the country, the regime’s police were forced to explain why one of their officers assaulted a woman during the nationwide protests. Other protesters videotaped the incident and shared it on social media, and while the police initially attempted to portray the video as a manipulated recording by regime opponents, fear forced them to admit the incident.

A public relations campaign on Vali Asr Square in central Tehran was equally humiliating for the system. The regime placed large advertising banners with images of 50 women to honor their contributions to the country. However, shortly after, some of the women, as well as the families of those who died, demanded that their images be removed.



Failed propaganda

The system has no right to use these people for propaganda without permission in order to undermine the women’s anti-discrimination movement. Following the humiliating public relations disaster, those in charge were forced to remove the banner and replace it with an imageless poster.

For the fifth week in a row, large crowds took to the streets in the country on Sunday, despite the authorities’ violent crackdown and massive internet access restrictions. Women shouted slogans like “The mullahs must go away” at a demonstration at Tehran’s Shariati University. Other protests were reported from Isfahan and Kermanshah, among other places.



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