Iran’s regime failed to stifle the voice of defiant prisoners in Evin prison

Conflicts erupted between prisoners and regime jailors in the regime's infamous Evin Prison, as the prisoners began to protest in support of the ongoing uprising.

Fires engulfed Iran’s notorious Evin prison on Saturday, just hours after inmates defiantly chanted “death to the dictator” as anti-regime protests in Iran entered their second month.

Explosions and gunshots

Residents claimed to have heard explosions and gunshots. Several anti-riot unit convoys were seen abusing prisoners in a video. Evin is well-known for being one of Iran’s most heinous prisons, but it is also renowned as a stronghold of opposition to the prevailing theocracy and the Shah’s regime.

Thousands of heroes who gave their lives to ensure a free Iran are memorialized on the walls of this prison in northern Tehran.


Political prisoners chanting “death to the dictator”

The main Iranian opposition group, People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK), reportedly received information from inside the prison that political prisoners in the seventh and eighth wards were chanting “death to the dictator” while assembling in the prison yard.

Soon after, the protesters were scattered by the use of tear gas by the prison guards. Prisoners and security personnel fought. The clerical regime sent more units to the prison in an attempt to suppress the detained but determined inmates, including the IRGC special unit (NOPO), which brutally suppressed unarmed inmates until 1:30 a.m. local time.

Approximately 60 prisoners were reportedly murdered. State media initially reported four deaths, but after 48 hours, the number was revised to eight.



Anti-regime chants were heard by the prisoners

The regime refused to put out the fire that had engulfed the Evin prison in order to kill as many prisoners as possible while denying any involvement. The sewing workshop at the prison was on fire, and a video posted to social media even showed four people dumping liquid material on the roof of the structure.

Officials falsely stated that Saturday’s incident was the result of a prison brawl between inmates charged with financial crimes, despite the fact that anti-regime chants were heard from the prisoners. The prisoners were also accused of starting the sewing shop’s fire.

Even though authorities insisted they had the situation under control, the incident showed how the uprising had turned into a widespread revolution that demanded a new government.



Protests persisted across Iran

Many Iranians came to the prisoners’ aid on Saturday as protests persisted in various areas of Tehran and other Iranian cities. Security personnel clashed with protesters as they made their way to Evin’s prison, and they responded by using tear gas. Family members and locals were also attacked by anti-riot forces, who dispersed the crowd with live ammunition and tear gas.

Even with extreme brutality, the clerical regime in Evin’s prison was unable to suppress the rebellious prisoners’ voices. Their cries were heard all over the world as MEK supporters and members of the Iranian diaspora staged nightly demonstrations in support of the courageous Evin prison inmates in a dozen different countries across Europe and the US. This atrocity was swiftly condemned worldwide in support of the released prisoners.



Iranians want to overthrow the brutal tyranny

Iranians have proven themselves to be resolute, and it is only a matter of time before they overthrow the brutal tyranny. World powers should acknowledge the Iranian people’s right to self-defense in addition to their usual condemnations.

A firm international stance toward Tehran would undoubtedly end the cycle of violence perpetuated by the regime and help Iranians realize their goal of a free, secular, and non-nuclear Iran, which will contribute to world peace and security.



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