Iran Regime’s Demonization of MEK Underlines the Importance of Its Nuclear Disclosures

Reveals Developments in Iran’s Nuclear
The National Council of Resistance of Iran’s (NCRI) United States representative office in a press conference on Friday revealed details of the Iranian regime’s new centers to continue nuclear activities Nuclear.

Reveals Developments in Iran’s Nuclear

The People’s Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran) initially released important data regarding Iran’s nuclear program in 2002. Since then, that problem has been a primary priority for policymakers in the United States, the European Union, and most of the rest of the world working on Iran’s plan. Meanwhile, the MEK has continued to reveal new information about Iran’s illegal activities, both new and old.

MEK reports have identified undeclared nuclear sites

Iranian Resistance reports have identified undeclared nuclear sites and outlined the organizational structure of institutions dedicated to weaponizing the regime’s nuclear research, institutions that have remained active long after the conclusion of international negotiations that have slowed Tehran’s progress toward acquiring a nuclear weapon to some extent.

The dictatorship has attempted to deceive the international community by denying repeatedly and publicly that even the most advanced and provocative nuclear operations are merely for power generation and for civilian purposes. On Sunday, Sputnik, the Russian state news agency, released an interview with Mohammad Eslami, the new head of the regime’s Atomic Energy Organization, for a worldwide audience.

“The fatwa forbids the production of nuclear weapons,” regime Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi boasted in February, “but if they push Iran in those directions, it is not Iran’s fault,” he claimed. “Those who pushed Iran down that path will be held accountable.”

The dictatorship with nuclear weapons

In other words, he admitted that the dictatorship was willing to arm itself with nuclear weapons. But, of course, this is consistent with the Iranian Resistance’s warnings issued on numerous occasions throughout the years.

The dictatorship has continued to try to discredit the MEK’s conclusions and condemn itself on a global scale.

This trend was evident in Eslami’s Sputnik interview as well. When confronted with questions concerning undeclared nuclear sites and the regime’s failure to disclose them to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Eslami attempted to divert culpability by accusing the MEK of distributing “false news”.

Iran keeps trying to present fake documents

“They keep trying to present fake documents, ostensibly satellite photos, whose authenticity is unknown,” Eslami stated. “The photographs were taken in the 1990s, but they appear to be recent. As an international organization, the IAEA should not fall for these ruses and become a pawn in the hands of this terrorist group.”

In reality, the MEK has never distorted any of its findings’ timelines. It has created studies based on satellite photographs taken at the same locations over several years, demonstrating that Tehran has gone to considerable lengths to dismantle and clean the sites of clandestine nuclear activity once the activity was brought to the knowledge of the international community. The regime’s strategy of deceiving the world community includes Eslami’s remarks.

The IAEA has written extensively about Tehran’s failure to cooperate on this matter, but it has never done so based on the notion that the concealed locations are a threat to Iran’s nuclear program in and of themselves.

The true relevance of the matter is that it indicates a lack of global comprehension of what Tehran had accomplished in the nuclear industry before the 2002 discoveries, as well as between then and the signing of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Undisclosed nuclear sites also speak to a larger pattern of evasion and deception on the part of the regime, and it is this pattern, more than anything else, that the MEK has sought to underscore for policymakers working on the Iran nuclear issue.

The international community should take the regime’s nuclear threat seriously and implement sanctions to prevent it from carrying out its plans. They should be aware of how seriously the government is threatened by the MEK’s ongoing revelations.


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