Iran executes 4 women

Iran executes 4 womenThe mullahs’ regime has hanged eight people in past four days according to Iranian state-run dailies.
On June 12, three women were hanged in Chobindar Prison in the city of Qazvin, west of Tehran.   Qazvin prison officials did not announce the names of these women.

A fourth female victim, identified as Farzaneh Youzan, was hanged in a prison in southeastern town of Iranshahr.
On June 15, a man identified as Ali Babaee, was also hanged in Iranshahr Prison, according to the state-run daily Resalat. 

On the same day, the state-run daily Javan reported that three men had been hanged. This daily reported, “following persistence from the Judiciary Chief for expeditious trial, the criminal court in Kerman investigated the matter and handed down the sentences, which were later confirmed by the Supreme Court.’

Considering the latest unrests in difference cities of Iran, the executions are used as a pressure apparatus to contain dissent.

A demonstration by thousands of women calling for equal rights in Tehran was recently cracked down by Iranian security forces, which resulted in the arrest of hundreds of women.  The fates of many of those arrested are unknown.