December 06 2005


Friends Of Humanity Newsletter )
Tenth Issue December 06 2005
In this issue

  • Iran plans to construct a second nuclear power plant
  • 27 police killed in twin Baghdad suicide attack
  • Moroccan politicians recieve death threats from terrorists
  • For many years the European countries have used a carrot and stick policy towards Iranian regime to make the Mullahs abandon their pursuit of nuclear weapons technology.

    This policy after three years has proven unsuccessful and we are once again back to where we started. The Mullahs have eaten the carrot but dodged the stick.


    Iran not only has restarted its Isfehan USF nuclear operations transforming uranium but also has introduced plans to open a new nuclear plant.

    Iran should be immediately referred to the United Nations Security Council because any other action will give this regime more time to complete its nuclear weapons program.


    By NASSER KARIMI, Associated Press Writer

    TEHRAN, Iran – Iran plans to construct a second nuclear power plant despite international concern over its nuclear program, state television reported on Monday.

    The broadcast said President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Cabinet ministers decided Sunday night to build the reactor in Khuzistan province, southwestern Iran.

    Middle East Online

    Two women suicide bombers blow themselves up in police academy classroom in east Baghdad.

    BAGHDAD – At least 27 Iraqi police officers and cadets were killed on Tuesday when two women suicide bombers blew themselves up in a Baghdad police academy classroom, the US military said.

    “Two suicide bombers attacked an Iraqi police academy in east Baghdad around 12:45 pm (0945 GMT),” the military said in a statement.

    By Nabil Darwish

    Asharq al-Awsat, Rabat- Several Moroccan politicians and intellectuals have received death threats from extremist Islamist groups in recent weeks while the authorities have released further information to the media on a terrorist cell with links to al Qaeda said to be on the verge carrying out attacks this December.

    A group calling itself “The Moroccan Islamic Army for Shariaa” recently threatened Mohammad al Yazghi, secretary general of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces and Minister of Territorial Development, Idriss Lashgar, Head of the socialist bloc in parliament and Fathallah Oualalou, Minister of Economy and Finance

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