December 08 2005

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12th Issue December 08 2005
In this issue

  • Police: Bombing in Bangladesh Kills Five
  • Suicide bomber kills 30 on Baghdad bus
  • Iran-Iraq: Official inquiry proves mullahs’ repressive role in Iraq
  • Tehran’s Nuclear Clock is Ticking Faster
  • “Tehran’s Nuclear Clock is Ticking Faster” is an article published by “Global Politician” which is about an interview with the head of International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei. Click here to read the interview.

    I would like to recommend this article at the bottom, to all of our readers.


    By FARID HOSSAIN Associated Press Writer The Associated Press

    DHAKA, Bangladesh Dec 8, 2005 — A bomb ripped through a crowded street in northern Bangladesh on Thursday, killing at least five people and wounding dozens in an attack police said may have been carried out by a suicide bomber on a bicycle.

    The blast in the town of Netrokona occurred about an after authorities defused another bomb in the same area, said police officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A suicide bomber killed 30 people and wounded at least 18 in an attack on a bus in a busy Baghdad bus station on Thursday, police said.

    The vehicle was about to leave the Nahda bus station in the city center for the Shi’ite city of Nassiriya when the bomber got on board and detonated his explosives, they said.

    It was the second big blast in three days in the capital, a week before a parliamentary election, and followed a similar attack on the bus station in August, when bombers targeted buses headed for Shi’ite dominated southern Iraq.

    Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq became more evident following the discovery of a torture center in that country in November.

    An Iraqi official investigation into the torture of more than 170 Iraqi detainees in a center belonged to the Interior Ministry in Baghdad found that forces guarding the center had close ties with the clerical regime in Iran.

    Global Politician Hamid Namvar – 12/8/2005

    In an under-reported interview, the head of International Atomic energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, told the British daily Independent that if Iran acts on its threat to reopen its Uranium enrichment underground facility at Natanz, then Tehran could be only “a few months” away from a nuclear weapon after the plant begins its operation. Say what? Only “a few months”?

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