December 19 2005

Friends of Humanity Newsletter )
19th Issue December 19 2005
In this issue

  • Iraq group posts video of U.S. hostage’s ‘killing’
  • Iran accused of aiding Islamist violence in Turkey
  • UN censures Iran’s human rights violations
  • Friends OF Humanity co-sponsors a rally in Sweden
  • As we have discussed in the past, giving in to fundamentalists encourages them to demand more.

    For instance, Ahmadinejad’s intimidating words, challenging regional and global peace, are direct results of two decades of appeasement policy towards this regime by the west.

    Europeans are still trying to scare Tehran that, “window of opportunity will not always be open to Iran.”

    Well, I think that bluff has already been called and Ahmadinejad really believes that nothing will come out of EU meetings and that is why he keeps repeating his threats.


    The only way to guarantee peace is a firm and strong stance by United Stated and the European countries and by showing Mullahs that their actions will not go unanswered.

    Referring Tehran to the United Nations Security Council and imposing sanction will finally give a shakeup to fundamentalism and let the world and the region breath for a while.


    Iraq group posts video of U.S. hostage’s ‘killing’


    DUBAI (Reuters) – An Iraqi militant group posted on the Internet on Monday a video it said showed the killing of a U.S. security consultant it had abducted earlier this month.

    The Islamic Army in Iraq said on December 8 it had killed the man, identified as Ronald Schulz, because the U.S. government had not fulfilled its demands, which included freeing all Iraqi prisoners and compensation for Iraqi families.

    Iran accused of aiding Islamist violence in Turkey

    Agence France Presse, ANKARA – A Turkish court has said that neighboring Iran trained Turkish Islamist radicals and supported “terrorist” activities aimed at undermining Turkey’s strictly secular order, media reports said Sunday.

    The accusations came in the reasoning that an Ankara court wrote over the convictions in July of nine Islamist militants in a long-running case over the murders of four prominent pro-secular intellectuals in the 1990s.

    UN censures Iran’s human rights violations

    London, Dec. 17 – The United Nations General Assembly adopted on Friday a resolution censuring widespread human rights violations in Iran.

    The Assembly expressed its serious concern over the continuing harassment, intimidation and persecution of human rights defenders, non-governmental organisations, political opponents, religious dissenters, journalists, and students through undue restrictions on freedoms of assembly, press and expression, arbitrary arrests, as well as the disqualification of large numbers of prospective candidates during the June 2005 presidential elections.

    Friends OF Humanity co-sponsors a rally in Sweden

    Supporters of Friends OF Humanity joint a rally in Gothenburg, Sweden to condemn Ahmadinejad’s recent terrorizing comments and clerical regime’s meddling in Iraq.

    Demonstrators were particularly concerned over the threats posed by the Iranian regime’s against Iraqi stability and. They also called on the Swedish government to take a firm stance against the Iranian regime’s violation of Human Rights, rights of women and to stop the state sponsored terrorism.

    The demonstrators also call for referral of the clerical regime’s nuclear file to the UN Security Council.

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