December 21 2005

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Issue 21 December 21 2005
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  • Stark warning: US ambassador warns Iraqi interior minister
  • Iraq’s election result: a divided nation
  • Shiite bloc winning big in Iraq
  • Iran holds tough line as talks resume
  • The Iranian theocratic regime, during 27 years of its rule, has gained quite an experience on how to play with words, values and concepts.

    One such concept is “democracy.” Through out all the years, mullahs have managed to disguise themselves as a democratic government, at least partly to the west while Iranian people have been experiencing one of the darkest era of their history.

    All these years Mullahs have managed to show votes and people participation where there were actually boycotts and defiance.


    Mullahs also managed to show improvements and Human Rights where there was actually torture and executions and show peaceful technical acquisition while they were actually perusing nuclear weapons.

    Well for now it seems like they were able to use their 27 years of experience in Hypocrisy in Iraqi elections.

    As one Iraqi said a few weeks ago, “Iraq is being occupied not by the coalition, but by Iran. The coalition will go someday but Iran is here to stay.”


    Stark warning: US ambassador warns Iraqi interior minister


    Khalilzad urges Iraqi leaders to form broad-based cross-ethnic and cross-sectarian government.

    BAGHDAD – The US ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad, on Tuesday issued a stark warning to Iraq’s interior minister over the importance of impartiality, his second such rebuke within a week.

    “For a police force to be credible it has to have the confidence of all the communities,” he said. “You can’t have someone regarded as sectarian as a minister of the interior,” he said in his year end address.

    Iraq’s election result: a divided nation


    21 December 2005

    Iraq is disintegrating. The first results from the parliamentary election last week show the country is dividing between Shia, Sunni and Kurdish regions.

    Religious fundamentalists now have the upper hand. The secular and nationalist candidate backed by the US and Britain was humiliatingly defeated.

    Shiite bloc winning big in Iraq

    Ruling slate leads in early returns; Sunni predicts `disaster’

    Chicago Tribune, December 20, 2005

    BAGHDAD — Iraq’s ruling Shiite religious bloc has taken an overwhelming lead in last week’s election and appears destined to retain a strong grip on the government, according to early vote results released Monday by the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq.

    Sunni leaders expressed deep disappointment in the partial results from 11 of the 18 provinces and charged that there had been voter intimidation by the United Iraqi Alliance, the leading Shiite religious bloc that has ties with Iran.

    Iran holds tough line as talks resume


    VIENNA (Reuters) – Iran reaffirmed its determination to pursue a fully-fledged nuclear programme on Wednesday as the top three European powers reopened dialogue with Tehran over concerns that it is secretly trying to make atomic bombs.

    Confrontation rather than compromise has been brewing after declarations from Iran that the Holocaust is a myth and Israel should be wiped out, and a European Union accusation on Tuesday that Tehran has systematically violated human rights at home.

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