December 22.2005

Friends of Humanity Newsletter )
Issue 22 December 22 2005
In this issue

  • Tehran has a network of tunnels to conceal nuclear program
  • Iraqi opposition rejects election results
  • Friends of Humanity co-sponsored a seminar in Huston

    Iran exports terrorism and fundamentalism for a reason. It is to conceal its internal Human Rights record.

    While Iran’s nuclear and terrorism activities have been getting a lot of international attention during the past months the Human Rights records seem to be forgotten.

    Last week, the European Union issued a statement calling for “using United Nations instruments” to stop Tehran’s violations.


    Iran’s Human Rights record should be taken before the Security Council as the nuclear and terrorism file and at the same time.

    We must remember one thing, getting more time is all this government wants and that should not be given to it.


    Tehran has a network of tunnels to conceal nuclear program, 22 December 2005

    Tehran has built a network of tunnels and underground facilities to conceal parts of its nuclear program.

    The facilities conceal nuclear research workshops, atomic equipment and missile command and control centers.

    These underground facilities have been constructed in at least 14 sites near Tehran, Isfahan, and Qom.

    Iraqi opposition rejects election results

    35 Iraqi political groups demand international probe into alleged vote-rigging, threaten to boycott new parliament.

    Middle East Onlne, 22 December2005

    BAGHDAD – Thirty-five Iraqi political groups, including secular Shiites and Sunni Arabs, on Thursday rejected early results announced in the wake of last week’s general elections and called for a new poll.

    The groups, including the main Sunni Arab coalition, a secular Shiite bloc headed by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, and the National Congress headed by former minister Ahmed Chalabi, also demanded an international probe into alleged vote-rigging and threatened to boycott the new parliament.

    Friends of Humanity co-sponsored a seminar in Huston

    Stop Iran’s exporting fundamentalism and terrorism into Iraq, 22 December 2005

    FoH supported a seminar in Huston, Texas calling for a halt on exportation of terrorism and fundamentalism into Iraq by the Iranian regime.

    The speakers included, Mr. John Gibes representing Congressman Mr. Alan Green, Mrs. Mary Castle an economist and Mr. George Hernandez a Human Rights activist. Mrs. Sheila Jackson Lee also addressed the seminar in a written message.

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