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Issue 35 February 24 2006
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  • Iranian dictators unworthy of another chance
  • Urgent Action to prevent mass execution of prisoners of conscience in Iran
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    Iraq shrine bombing: Iran’s “Operation Survival”

    In the early hours of Wednesday, a massive explosion completely devastated a revered Shiite shrine in the Iraqi city of Samarra, the burial ground of Shiite Islam’s 10th and 11th Imams. The religious monument dated back to more than 1,000 years ago.

    In the current complicated state that Iraq is in combined with the makeup of the country, which is a society, comprised of a collection of tribes and religions, such actions can only serve to escalate tensions, which would never result in to anything that would be beneficial to the Iraqis as a whole country. From the evidence, we can tell that some mad mind planned this bombing carefully for one purpose only to instigate chaos.

    Soon after the blast, fingers started pointing in different directions. The Shiites blamed Sunnis. Iran blamed the US and Britain. Some people named Al- Qaeda and some blamed Israel.

    The first twenty-four hours were full of fear that everything was going to collapse. More than 150 Sunni mosques were attacked and ransacked and over 180 people including about 60 Sunni Imams were killed. Three prominent Arab television correspondents are also among the dead.

    Things went so bad so quickly that the coalition forces had to impose day curfews in many cities to prevent sectarian clashes.

    An unprecedented smart move came from Sunni leaders who had boycotted the first elections but entered strongly into the latest one wining a strong minority. They declared the incident to be a plot to create a civil war, and called on all parties to stop blaming each other and said, “Despite the fact that our people are being killed in the streets we will not retaliate.”

    As the dust begins to settle, arrows are starting to point to a new and single direction: “Iran!”

    How would the ruling mullahs in Iran benefit from such an act? The Iranian regime is from the Shiite denomination and they have been supporting Iraqi Shiite groups like “Badr” all along. Why would they bomb a mosque, so precious and holy to Muslims, especially Shiites?

    Before we try to draw a conclusion, let us look briefly at some developments in recent weeks.

    • Iran undergoes increasing international pressure to give up its nuclear ambitions or face Security Council sanctions.
    • Internal dissent in Iran is growing rapidly and to control that the mullahs are resorting to more torture and execution of political opponents.
    • Iran was counting on favorable results from the elections in Iraq to establish a pro-Iranian Shiite government there in order to tie-up American hands in that country so they would not think about possible conflict with Iran.

    Well, it seems all that the mullahs in Iran had planed in order to strengthen their grip on power is falling apart.

    So now, Tehran has leaped into the next phase of its “Operation Survival.” As the direction of developments is no longer going the way the mullahs had planed, they decide to turn the table upside down and make Iraq “like hell” for Americans so they would not think twice about the nuke thing.

    What should we do?

  • Have no doubt for a second, that anyone except Iran is responsible for the Samarra bombing
  • Do not stop, do not allow more time. If we hesitate, the mullahs would advance.
  • Declare all around comprehensive sanctions on Iran and support the Iranian people and their opposition to overthrow the government.
  • Only this would bring stability and democracy to the region and this is the only scenario that would lead to a triumphant pullout by the United States and the coalition from Iraq.

    Iranian dictators unworthy of another chance

    As Iran’s concurrent negotiations with Europe in Brussels and with Russians in Moscow come to an unsuccessful end, it seems that the diversion and deception game played by the ruling mullahs in Iran is reaching the end of the rope.

    In the internal media, the mullahs were trying to pretend that somehow the next round of the negotiations are in progress but before the Iranian foreign minister’s plane landed in Brussels, the Europeans announced that there is no talk of negotiations let alone for it to be the next round.

    The Europeans said that Tehran had requested the meeting and they were all just going to listen.

    Subsequently, as soon as Iran’s foreign minister, Mottaki, entered Brussels, European Union’s senior representative said “any negotiations would only be possible after all enrichment activities by Iran, are halted.”

    The negotiations in Moscow didn’t get far either as Russian Foreign Minister simply repeated what European’s said to the media “Iran should suspend the enrichment process.” Surprisingly, the Iranian officials called the meeting “precise and positive.”

    Beyond all the deception put forth by the mullahs, the latest face-off proves that Iran’s nuclear row has turned into an international glitch and the chances of things returning to the beginning is almost nil.

    Even those who used to talk about the peaceful nature of regime’s nuclear projects now are talking about its military nature. Belgium’s Foreign Minister, while standing besides Mottaki, Iran’s Foreign Minister, said, “it is very hard not to believe that this program has military objectives.” In addition, just before him, the French Foreign Minister said, “this is a clandestine, military nuclear project.”

    Consequently, the Iranian regime has played all the cards it had: diversion, deceit, and intimidations. >From now on, it seems anymore waiting even as an excuse like “until the March sixth meeting” is simply free overtime given to Tehran. Many Iranians, Iraqis and other innocent people who just turnout to be in a wrong place at a wrong time will pay the daily cost of this overtime.

    Anyhow, the Iranian regime does not as it has never did deserve any more chances. It is necessary that it’s dossier in the UN Security Council be attended immediately.

    Urgent Action to prevent mass execution of prisoners of conscience in Iran

    In the aftermath of the execution of a prominent political prisoner, Hojjat Zamani, the Iranian officials in Gohardasht prison have started rumors that political prisoners are planning to commit suicide.

    According to reports from internal sources, political prisoners in Gohardasht and Evin prisons are now in a hunger strike to protest the execution of Mr. Zamani.

    Iranian dissident groups and organizations and the families of political prisoners have expressed fears that the ruling mullahs after referral to the UN Security Council by the International Atomic Energy Agency may execute all political prisoners. Jail official had warned the families of the prisoners in the past that incase of a referral; they would do such thing to take revenge because the Iranian opposition is the original whistle blower on this regime’s clandestine nuclear program.

    To prevent this crime by the mullahs, some political prisoners have issued statements that they do not intend to commit suicide and incase of any incident; people should file lawsuit on their behalf with a relevant international authority.

    In a joint statement, Mr. Assad Shaghaghi and Mr. Valiollah Feiz-Mahdavi, announced, “we are under extreme danger. During the past 24 hours, they have been telling us that we will kill ourselves with knives or cleaning substances.” The two political prisoners stressed, “we announce to the people of the world that we shall not in any case take any action to harm ourselves. If anything happened to us, we ask the Iranian people and the international community, to follow suite against Gohardash warden, Haj Kazem and other responsible authorities. We leave this into the hands of the people.”

    In another prison in the city of Sanandaj, a prisoner by the name of Mojtaba Rasouli-Nia has reportedly disappeared. He was accused of attending an anti- government demonstration in Sanandaj.

    Also in the city of Zanjan, another prisoner by the name of Yashar Hakakpour has disappeared since last week.

    In Tehran’s notorious prison, Evin, many of the prisoners are undergoing torture and many face imminent execution. Prisoners Ghlam-Hossein Kalabi, Saeed Masouri, and Shahram and Farhang Pourmansouri (two brothers) are the ones that we have received their names up to now.

    In 1988, after the Iran-Iraq war which was a defeat for Khomeini, in order to quite the voices of dissent, regime went on an execution rampage which resulted in killing of over 30,000 prisoners in a matter of three months.

    We ask all international organizations to help save the lives of these innocent people and demand the Iranian regime to immidiatly release all prisoners of conscience.

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