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Issue 36 March 03 2006
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  • The Atomic Suicide Bomber
  • Mullahs and Nukes
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  • The Iranian regime publicly hanged two opponents, Ali Afravi and Mehdi Navaseri, Wednesday March 1, 2006, for alleged bombing in the southern city of Ahwaz.

    A crowd consisting of members of the Revolutionary Guards and paramilitary Basij forces gathered at the scene of the execution and chanted rhetoric against the US, UK, and the Israel, according to a report. The trial of the two prisoners did not meet minimum international standards.


    The two victims were brought on television the night before their execution to confess. Their confessions, obviously dictated to them by regime officials, were ambiguous such as being in contact with Canada and United States.

    Although not much is known about these two victims, from their TV interview it seems obvious that they were political activists or at least they were charged with such crimes.

    Besides the above, there were many reports of executions, some public, in Iran. The victims were all under the age of 30.

    Ruz, a state-run daily, reported that last month, the regime’s Judiciary issued more than 30 death sentences.

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    The Atomic Suicide Bomber

    After two failed meetings with Russians last week, the Iranian officials head to Vienna this Friday to try their chances one more time with the EU-3 countries.

    Amazingly, the Iranians have managed to come out of each meeting conveying to the media that the meetings were positive and successful. The best example would be last Monday’s meeting with Russia.

    <>iran- nuke.gif

    You may remember that suddenly on Monday morning all media started talking about a breakthrough agreement that Iran had reached with Russia. It was only until the afternoon that the Russians came on television and completely denied everything that was said all morning by the Iranians: “What agreements?”

    Mullahs and Nukes

    Pars News agency, with close ties to the Iranian supreme leader, Khamanei, on February 21 revealed the complete text of a speech by the former head of regime’s Security Council, cleric Hassan Rohani.

    The speech contains revealing information about how the mullahs’ have been trying to acquire nuclear weapons.

    <>going-to-security- council.jpg

    “According to our agreements we had to present an overall and complete picture of what we were doing to the International Atomic Energy Agency.” Rohani, who was also Iran’s head negotiator with the Europeans and the IAEA before Ahmadinejad became president, said adding, “If we did present a complete picture, we would be sent to the Security Council automatically. If we did not present a complete picture, then we would be sent to the Security Council for not meeting our obligations. So you see, no matter what choice we made, our dossier would go to the Security Council anyway.”

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