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Issue 37 March 11 2006
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  • Iran uproots trees to hide sneaky nuke activity
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  • Iran’s nuclear dossier is finally out of the hands of the IAEA and on March 13, the UN Security Council will meet to set the direction for the future of this matter.

    >From unofficial meetings last Thursday and Friday, and what some anonymous diplomats, have said, it seems that the Unites States has prepared a strong statement calling for Iran to cease all nuclear activities within two weeks or else face sanctions.


    Meanwhile, Iranian officials openly brag to one another about their success in fooling European Union negotiators into believing they had stopped their efforts to produce nuclear fuel, according to Hassan Rowhani, who until last year headed talks with the European Union 3 — Britain, France, and Germany.
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    Iran uproots trees to hide sneaky nuke activity

    Smiling for the cameras, Ahmadinejad, the Iranian hard-line president, planted an olive tree as asymbol for celebration of “Plantation Day” in Iran on Monday, March 6. The same day in Lavizan Natural Park located in north of Tehran, security forces under his command managed to cut down and remove over 7000 trees overnight, Iranian dailies reported. What did those trees do?

    The trees were removed from the root by bulldozers in order to cover-up extensive nuclear activities in Lavizan nuclear plant.

    Lavizan was a clandestine military nuclear site revealed in 2003 by Iranian dissidents. However, right after the revelation and before IAEA managed to have access to it, the site was completely wiped out, and even six inches of earth was removed to conceal the real extent of the activities there. Satellite before and after images show how extensive this cover-up was.

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