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Issue 38 March 17 2006
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  • Iranian Women and the Path to a Free Iran
  • Terrorism and Muslim Women
  • Iraq, ocean of violence
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  • The Iranian regime took a number of foreign diplomats from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Canada on a stage-managed tour of the dreaded Gohardasht prison in Karaj (west of Tehran) on March 17. The move came after the February 7 hanging of Hojjat Zamani, a member of the Iranian Resistance and expressions of international outrage over increasing physical and psychological torture applied to political prisoners. None of the political prisoners, however, was allowed to meet the delegation. The regime had also given the prison a face-lift in an attempt to conceal the horrendous conditions of the prison.

    Meanwhile, reuters reported last week that prison officials in Iran are now threatening to execute another political prisoner during the Persian New Year holidays that begin on March 21.

    Reuter identified this prisoner as Mr. Valiollah Feyz Mahdavi, 28 and added that the prison chief and his executive deputy over the past two weeks have repeatedly told him that he will be executed during the Persian New Year holidays.

    According to reports, after the regime’s nuclear file was referred to the Security Council, it has stepped up the torture and pressure on political prisoners, threatening to hang them as happened to Mr. Hojjat Zamani.


    Gohardasht Prison’s Ward 2 supervisor has told prisoners in the ward that if the Security Council decided to take action against the regime, “We will eliminate you before anything else.”

    On be half of the families of the political prisoners in Iran, we urge all human rights organizations and activists to take immediate action to save the lives of prisoners in Iran.


    Sign here to condemn the execution of women and children in Iran

    Iranian Women and the Path to a Free Iran

    By: Roya Johnson

    Since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s presidency, the Iranian regime has increased its oppressive tactics at home. The government is indeed tightening its fascist fist around the Iranian people, particularly women. It plans to segregate Iran’s pedestrian walkways on a gender basis, according to a deputy in Iran’s Parliament.

    Early this March, security forces removed several hundred women spectators from an indoor stadium by force as they were watching athletes performing in the 2006 Gymnastics World Cup tournament being held in Tehran, eye-witnesses have reported. A few days earlier, State Security Forces attacked female soccer fans in Tehran after they held a defiant protest against the government decision to ban them from soccer stadiums.

    Terrorism and Muslim Women

    BY: Ghazal Omid

    Recent articles about a Muslim woman doctor, who received death threats after speaking out on Al- Jazirah network against Muslim hardliners and terrorists, has been generating publicity for the right people and for a well justified cause that seldom gets enough attention, even though it would work to our advantage in the war against terrorism.

    Everyone wants to fight terrorism but we seldom see any mention of Muslims who are fighting against hardliners and terrorists. That is what causes many people to question whether Muslims really mean what they say.

    The reality is: fighting terrorism is neither easy nor will it end overnight. Most certainly, Muslims should be called upon to help because the war against terrorism is not about ones faith; it affects all of us as part of the human family. As a modern, moderate Muslim freedom fighter, a human and women’s rights advocate, I rally behind women who extend their arms in help and stand united to stop the terrorists.

    Iraq, ocean of violence

    The Washington Times – By Hatem J Mukhlis, M.D.

    Iraq is part of the much wider sociopolitical order of the Middle East. For solutions to be successful, Iraqi problems therefore need a much broader approach.

    A domestic approach, albeit plausible in the past, is impossible today. Foreign forces with contradicting interests entered Iraq and changed the sociopolitical order. The former balance of power had to change. More serious regional problems have to be addressed before expecting the Iraqi crisis to be solved.

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